Trump Explains Steel Wall Prototype Penetrated in DHS Test: ‘Designed By Previous Administrations’


After a DHS test revealed that a steel border fence prototype can be sawed through, President Donald Trump claimed the vulnerable design was from a previous administration and said his plans has will be “very, very hard to penetrate.”

Trump, who responded to the criticism after a reporter pressed him about photos of the damaged barrier from a DHS 2017 report, alleged that was “a wall that was designed by previous administrations.”

“There’s nothing that cant be penetrated, but you fix it, but it’s a very difficult thing to do,” he continued, responding to the pictures obtained by NBC News. “We have many walls under consideration. Even concrete, there’s acid that can go through concrete, but what you do is you fix it.”

The president finished answering the question by insisting the “wall that we’re doing is very, very hard to penetrate,” compared to the wall that was punctured by law enforcement and military authorities at the behest of DHS.

The steel barrier came to the front of Trump’s border talking points after Democrats condemned his proposed concrete wall, which led him to pivot to the aesthetically less-menacing metal fencing.

The president, who is now deep into the third week of his government shutdown, remained focused on the wall during his chat with pool reporters on the White House South Lawn this morning.

“The only way you have a strong border is you have a wall… or you need a steel barrier,” the president stated, calling the southern border situation a “crisis.”

When asked if he will declare a national emergency to ram through his wall, Trump said, “If this doesn’t work out, I’ll probably will do it, I would almost say definitely.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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