Trump Raves Over an Ordinary Tucker Carlson Show Open: ‘Everyone MUST Watch … A Classic!’


On Twitter, President Donald Trump gave a rave review to FNC’s Tucker Carlson for the opening monologue he delivered on the the topic of Michael Cohen‘s testimony Thursday night. But other than that it was tied to the week’s news, it wasn’t an especially stand-out segment for the show.

Carlson’s monologue focused on what Cohen’s testimony did not confirm for Democrats. Although the “there was no collusion” theme is fairly standard Carlson fare, perhaps the extra mocking sealed the deal for Trump.

The monologue, above, covered (with clips) what claims have been made by media and Democrat politicians over the course of the last two years, and which were not confirmed by Cohen. For example, on the topic of the so-called “pee tape,” Carlson said that “if there is a hooker tape out there, it’s fair to assume that Michael Cohen would know about it. He is that kind of guy. Now would be the time he would tell us all about it. But no.”

He showed Cohen stating under oath that he has never been to Prague, and added that Cohen would no longer have any reason to lie.

With regard to collusion, Carlson said “If anyone can provide that kind of evidence, it would be Michael Cohen. He was a personal attorney to a man who accepted rubles.” He then showed the clip of Cohen saying that he was “not really sure” he could answer the question, or that he would use the word “colluding.” In the clip, Cohen did say there was “back and forth” with Putin.

“Talk about a let down,” said Carlson. “No meeting in Prague. No blackmail. No collusion. No Russian conspiracy at all. It was a hoax. It was a much less interesting Loch Ness monster.”

It was like that for most of the nearly ten minute monologue, and was followed by more of the same in the subsequent interview with a conservative blogger.

A true… classic.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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