Trump ‘Tweets About This Election All the Damn Time’: Chris Cuomo Battles Ex-Trump Spox


During a panel discussion this morning on CNN’s New Day, co-host Chris Cuomo had a hard time swallowing what CNN political commentator Jason Miller was dishing. The former Trump spokesman said the current administration wasn’t “talking trash” about the election.

With the conversation centered on ‘Shattered,’ the new tell-all book on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Miller agreed with Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen that books like this are “completely disrespectful to candidates.” Further noting that insider accounts are “terrible for the political process,” he went on to attribute it to a certain kind of culture.

“We’re talking about stopping North Korea and potentially a nuclear Iran and this terrible deal that needs to get ripped up and these folks are out there talking trash,” Miller exclaimed. “It goes to this whole ‘cash me outside’ culture you see in insulting the political class. I think it’s terrible.”

A somewhat apoplectic Cuomo jumped in, bringing up President Donald Trump’s own Twitter habits as an example of what Miller was decrying.

“Are you kidding me,” Cuomo cried out. “The president tweets about this election all the damn time! He was doing it just a few days ago.”

The CNN host added that if it is indeed time to move on from the election, “we are not seeing any proof of that from the highest ranks of our government right now.”

“The president is clearly focused on creating jobs and keeping the country safe,” Miller responded. “I think he’s moved on and that’s clearly where his focus has been.”

… clearly.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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