‘Trying to Trigger Another January 6th’: Watters Drops Wild Rant On Likely Trump Indictment After Searing Commentary From Tarlov


Fox News’s top-rated show, The Five, discussed the investigations into former President Donald Trump on Monday and the possibility Trump may be indicted this week, which elicited a wild rant from co-host Jesse Watters. 

The discussion began with Jessica Tarlov offering an analysis of the political exposure Trump faces and arguing that the case in Georgia is actually the one Trump should most be worried about.

“What’s going on in Georgia is a much bigger deal in terms of an indictment. So if you indict him for this, a lot of people are just going to kind of roll their eyes and say, yeah, we all know that he had an affair while Melania was pregnant with a porn star,” Tarlov argued.

“And we don’t really care. We hired him anyway for the job. Right? We all heard the tape. We know who he was in terms of that kind of behavior,” Tarlov continued offering a searing indictment of Trump’s character.

“What’s going on in Georgia is incredibly serious, considering racketeering and conspiracy charges. They have three recordings of him pressuring officials in Georgia to overturn the results of the 2020 election. That’s the one where you will be able to win public approval of that, where everyone can say you really shouldn’t have been doing that,” Tarlov concluded, referencing Trump’s well-documented efforts to “find votes” to overturn the 2020 presidential election result in the state.

“It’s almost as if the Democrats want exactly what happened in 2016 to happen again,” co-host Dana Perino said, turning to Watters to give a more Trump-friendly analysis.

“Yeah, they better not put my president in prison. He represents 74 million Americans. And if he’s the nominee, you’re putting 74 million votes in prison. And that’s how I see it,” Watters replied, clearly worked up by Tarlov’s commentary.

“Really?” shot back Tarlov.

“On a bookkeeping charge, he put a payment to a woman in the legal column that was in the wrong column. Hillary put the dossier in the same column and she got a fine. John Edwards used campaign donations to silence a mistress during a campaign. And he beat the rap,” Watters argued.

After a short exchange on former Sen. John Edwards’s case, Watters added:

So Alvin Bragg comes out of nowhere. He may have guys beating the teeth out Jews, “Die dirty Jew, kill all the Jews.” He had a felony, downgraded it to a misdemeanor. The guy’s only in prison for six months, but he wants to put, he’s emptying the prisons, what, to make room for Trump?!

No one else is getting charged with anything. So, you settle a case like this anyway, if he’s running for president or not, just to protect your family and your reputation. Bragg’s under pressure because he’s running out of the statute of limitations on the federal side. It’s a gain-of-function processing commission. You have a misdemeanor that they’re Frankensteining into a felony case with a campaign finance violation. And the guy wants to make a name for himself, obviously, because he wants to be the Trumpster. I’m going to be the first prosecutor to throw cuffs on Trump. That’ll get you elected, pretty much governor in the state of New York. That’s what he’s after.

Also, Trump’s now rising ahead of DeSantis in a lot of these polls. And a lot of people are terrified of him because if he does become president again, he wants to make peace in Ukraine. He wants to get Jerome Powell out of there as a Fed chair. He wants to close the border down. He’s a big threat.

So, they’re trying to take him out now and they’re trying to trigger another January 6th. Oh, going to get Trump in Manhattan. Let’s put up a bunch of cops with a bunch of bars around this place. Don’t fall for it.

“They have the two crummiest witnesses of all time. You have a disgraced lawyer who served time in prison for lying, and then you have a porn actress, not a star, who hangs around with Michael Avenatti. Those are your two-star witnesses. This is an absolute disgrace, and I’m not going to stand for it,” Watters concluded.

“If Bragg does go through with it. It’s interesting, Greg, to think about how much time the United States as a government works to tell developing democracies don’t do this kind of thing,” Perino then asked Greg Gutfeld.

“Exactly. You know, I don’t want to live in a world where, you know, paying porn actresses hush money is considered a crime. That’s sexist, right? That is sexist. You pay for the sex and you pay for them not to talk about it. And if you make that illegal, that hurts their bottom line and their bottom,” concluded Gutfeld.

Watch the full thing above via Fox News.

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