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Tucker Carlson Accuses Lindsey Graham of Supporting ‘Selling American Citizenship to Chinese Oligarchs’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went on a rant Thursday evening accusing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of “rewarding China” for the coronavirus pandemic, due to the senator’s support for expanding a visa program that grants green cards to immigrants who can make substantial investments in American businesses.

The program to which Carlson was referring is the EB-5 visa, or “Immigrant Investor Visa Program” that was enacted in 1990. Currently, the program allows eligible immigrants to become lawful permanent residents (more commonly referred to as “green card” holders) if they can invest at least $1,800,000 in an American business that will employ at least 10 American workers. The required investment level is lowered to $900,000 for jobs in a “Targeted Employment Area,” a high unemployment or rural area.

Historically, since the law was enacted, the EB-5 visa program has been very popular with Chinese immigrants investing in American real estate development projects — a fact which Carlson said was “one of the reasons housing costs are so high.”

Carlson began his monologue criticizing China for their government’s role in the coronavirus pandemic and “sinister intentions” towards America: “The Chinese government lied to cover up the spread of coronavirus earlier this year. When it became a pandemic, they blamed it on the United States. They said we created it. Chinese leadership then threatened to kill large numbers of Americans by withholding life-saving medicine from our population.”

“So how are some in Congress responding to all of this?” Carlson asked. “Well, some are working to reward the Chinese.”

“At this very moment, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is pressuring the White House to respond to this epidemic by passing out residency documents to rich Chinese,” he continued. “Nearly all of them, by definition, have ties to our enemies in the Chinese government.”

Carlson called the EB-5 visa program “little more than a money-laundering scheme” and noted that members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have criticized it as being susceptible to fraud and poor follow up regarding whether the promised jobs were actually created.

The program is “corrupt,” said Carlson, but “Senator Graham loves it,” supporting changes to the program that would lower the investment threshold and increase the number of visas granted each year.

“How could anyone be for that and why is he for this?” asked Carlson. “And for God’s sake, why is he pushing it at the very moment that the threat we face from China has never been clearer or more imminent?”

Carlson then essentially accused Graham of being paid off: “Presumably he is getting paid by donors to do it. We don’t know. It’s just a guess, but that’s usually how it works in Washington. It only works if no one notices it’s happening…Let’s hope a lot of people notice now.”

“Selling American citizenship to Chinese oligarchs is not the way to preserve America’s economy and protect our most vulnerable,” concluded Carlson.

Watch the video above, via Fox News Channel.

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