Tucker Carlson Responds to WaPo Column on Fox News: ‘Stupid’ People Are Trying to Get This Network ‘Eliminated by Force’


Over the weekend, Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan called Fox News a “hazard to our democracy,” invoking in part the rioting at the Capitol, and said “citizens who care about the truth” should pressure companies that advertise on the network.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson shot back Monday night, going off on Sullivan’s column, another recent Washington Post column going after Fox News, and recent CNN coverage ripping Fox.

“Their new idea is this channel shouldn’t be allowed. They’re not arguing that Fox News is inaccurate and dishonest and you shouldn’t watch it, they are arguing that you shouldn’t be able to watch Fox News because Fox should be eliminated by force,” he said.

As for CNN, Carlson mocked the cable news network and said they’re arguing “allowing people to watch what they want to watch on TV is a massive threat to democracy.”

He brought up Sullivan’s column and said “she asked for us to be unemployed,” before bringing up the other recent Post column from Max Boot and remarking, “When you work for the world’s richest man, people tend to listen to you. When you call for government officials to crush dissent, that’s not a a small thing.”

After mocking Boot for his take invoking the Fairness Doctrine, Carlson said, “These people are stupid. Of course they’re stupid, that’s why our country’s in trouble. Because the people who run our country can’t find their butts with both hands. Max Boot has no choice but to work at the Washington Post. No self-respecting landscaping company would have Max Boot.”

At one point Carlson brought up Joe Scarborough recently invoking Fox News sponsors after Newt Gingrich said on air that Democrats want to “exterminate” Republicans.

Carlson recalled how the former president pushed an insane conspiracy theory to suggest Scarborough is a murderer, and even said, “We’re not taking a position on Joe Scarborough’s guilt or innocence in that case. We’re not a law enforcement agency. It’s not our place to do that. But one thing we did not do, and would never do, is go on TV to demand that because Joe Scarborough was accused of violence by a politician, American companies should not be allowed to sell their products to his viewers.”

Carlson even touted remarks made by Rupert Murdoch over the weekend condemning “awful woke orthodoxy,” telling viewers, “We don’t quote our boss on this show very often — ever, actually — but that is exactly right. Awful woke orthodoxy is precisely what this is.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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