Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: ‘To the Modern Democratic Party, Americans are an Afterthought’


On Thursday, Tucker Carlson started off his Fox News show by railing against the Democratic Party.

“For more than 100 years the Democratic Party was organized around the interest of ordinary Americans” he began, adding Democrats ran campaigns against “higher wages, better working conditions” and against banks.

Then, after admitting some of the Dem’s ideas didn’t work and were somewhat “silly,” Carlson stressed in the past the focus was clear: “American citizens were the party’s priority.”

The Fox host then lamented that is “no longer the case.”

“To the modern Democratic Party, Americans are an afterthought. Try to find a Democrat running this year on the opioid crisis…or the decline of the middle-class. Hard to find one.”

He then suggested that Democrats are bored by these topics and what they are really interested in is “power.”

“They need reliable new voters. Voters who will support them obediently without making difficult demands like a higher standard of living. That’s why the Democratic Party suddenly supports open borders so fervently,” Carlson further opined in his self-described Democratic exposé.  “Immigration is really the only issue that matters to them because packing the electorate is the only way to regain control of this country. Their goal is clear: They will do anything to achieve it.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter responded to Carlson’s words by noting, “Can you imagine talking this way? Such extreme rhetoric all the time?”

Watch above, via Fox News

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