Joe Biden Drops By Tonight Show, Tells Leno He Thought The Russians Might Take Limbaugh


Vice President Joe Biden is on Team Leno, picks the Netherlands to win the World Cup and was hoping the US could trade that sexy Russian spy for Rush Limbaugh. As a special guest on the Tonight Show last night, Biden, who provides so much material for late-night hosts already, really delivered on the comedy, and spoke candidly about the war abroad and the need for civility in American public discourse.

Biden’s appearance, despite his reputation, went off without a hitch, though Biden did make some starling admissions that might get him in trouble with a lot of Americans. For one, he’s a Jay Leno kind of viewer. “I’m going to get in trouble for this… but I mostly watch you,” he admitted to the host last night, adding that, while he likes Leno’s jokes, “there’s some other guys I’m not crazy about making fun of me.”

His perspective on the Russian spy story was significantly easier to relate to than his take on being a target for comedians: he was kind of hoping we could keep the sexy one. “It wasn’t my idea to send her back,” he clarified, lest anyone think he would do such a thing. But if we really had to give her back, Biden noted, he was hoping the US could dupe Russia into a more beneficial trade for our side: “I thought maybe they’d take Rush Limbaugh or something.”

Biden also discusses his recent trip to Iraq, what he sees as an increased need for understanding and bipartisanship in the political world, and told Leno the conditions he gave President Barack Obama before he took the job of VP: “I’m not going to wear any funny hats, and I’m not changing my brand.”

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