WATCH: Ana Cabrera Calls Out Matt Gaetz for Saying Dems Vote Against ‘All the Things’ That Keep America Safer


CNN’s Ana Cabrera was not about to let Trump supporting Rep. Matt Gaetz get away with saying Democrats keep voting against measures that will keep America safer.

During a discussion about Trump’s proposed border wall on CNN Sunday, Gaetz tried to blame Democrats — and their unwillingness to vote to measures Republicans hope will keep America safe — for the shutdown stalemate.

“A recent poll of border security agents showed that 95% of them agreed that more physical barriers would assist in the performance of their duties,” Gaetz opined. “I think we can have an all of the above strategy.”

Then he said this: “But Democrats keep voting against all the things that we hope will keep the country safer like sanctuary city reform, like ending chain migration.”

Cabrera wasn’t buying it.

“That’s not true,” she replied. “That’s not true.”

She then said she has been around long enough to remember “in February when the Democrats came forward and said we will give you $25 billion for border security in exchange for a pathway to citizenship for DACA.”

Gaetz then said,  “I don’t think we’re ready for an amnesty deal” before pivoting to how in his estimation Democrats have, in the past acknowledged the “risks” of illegal immigration.

The White House is now seeking 2.5 billion for border security, a small fraction of the amount Dems offered in exchange for DACA in February.

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