WATCH: Jim Jordan Confronted About His January 6 Calls With Trump


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was confronted Wednesday over his phone calls with former President Donald Trump on January 6.

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D- MA) asked Jordan about interviews he gave in July confirming he had conversations with the then-president the day of the Capitol riots.

Jordan was first pressed into admitting it by Fox News’ Bret Baier, though he deflected when asked to share any insight into Trump’s state of mind on that day. He squirmed when confronted days later on exactly when their calls took place.

A month later he said he spoke with Trump that day “more than once,” including one call when lawmakers were hiding in a safe room.

McGovern asked Jordan if he can now give a more detailed explanation of when the calls took place.

“Of course I’ve talked to the president,” Jordan said. “I’ve been clear about that. I talk to him all the time. This is not about me, Mr. Chairman. I know you want to make it about me.”

McGovern again asked exactly when he spoke with Trump — before, during, or after the riots.

“You had 84 days since you said you couldn’t remember and you would check.”

Jordan said they spoke after the attack.

“So not before or during?” McGovern asked.

“Right,” Jordan said.

McGovern brought up the August Politico report report and highlighted the part where it sounded like they spoke during the attack. As Olivia Beaver reported at the time:

“Look, I definitely spoke to the president that day. I don’t recall — I know it was more than once, I just don’t recall the times,” Jordan told our Olivia Beavers. He later said that “I’m sure” one of the Trump-involved calls took place in the safe room “because we were in that room forever.” (For safety reasons, we are not disclosing the specific room where members were evacuated to, but that is the room Jordan is referencing.) Jordan would not get into the specifics of what he discussed with the president, though he said that like everyone, he wanted the National Guard to get involved.

Beavers also reported that when they were in the safe room, Jordan and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) were on a call with Trump and “implored” him to tell the mob to “stand down.”

“I did not speak to the president during the attack,” Jordan insisted.

You can watch the full exchange above.

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