WATCH: Aussies Trick Foreign Reporter Into Wearing a Suit of Armor to Handle ‘Vicious’ Koala


Debi Edward, a reporter for the British outlet ITV News, was tricked by Australian koala carers into wearing a full suit of protective body armor to handle a “drop bear”– a fictional “vicious” relative of the koala.

“So Deb’s gonna be holding a drop bear. She’s got the drop bear suit on,” declared the Australian cameraman, as Edward put on protective armor and gloves.

“They do go for the legs,” another man remarked, giving Edward a pair of heavy boots.

Edward was then told, “So drop bears are a close cousin of the koala, but they’re actually really vicious. So it’s sort of like a dingo and a normal domestic dog. They’re bigger, they’ve got longer claws, they’ve actually got really small fangs, and the interesting thing about the fangs is they have a really mild venom.”

“It’s not like a snake venom that can make you really sick, but it just causes a lot of really local irritation, so the third most common injury that we see with tourists in Australia is actually from drop bear attack,” the Australian claimed.

As Edward held the koala, she started to panic and called out, “Please take it off me,” before realizing she had been tricked.

The tale of the “drop bear” is a common Australian prank played on tourists.

Watch above.

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