WATCH: Russian Cops Violently Drag Navalny Lawyer Away During Live News Report, Amid Massive Protests


Leader of Russian opposition to Vladimir Putin and outspoken Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, who was poisoned in a failed assassination attempt, was dramatically taken into custody immediately upon his return to Moscow a week ago.

On Saturday, in even more dramatic footage, Navalny’s attorney Lyubov Sobol was seized and dragged off by riot cops in the midst of massive protests.

Sobol was in the middle of being interviewed when riot police forced their way through the crowd, violently shoving the reporter aside, then grabbed Sobol and dragged her away as she let out a shout of distress.

Over 2,100 protesters have been arrested in demonstrations demanding the release of Navalny. Video and photos of the protests and arrests have circulated on social media, despite the Kremlin.

(Translations by Google)

“Lyubov Sobol was detained”

“A column of people in purple scarves and hats is walking towards Pushkin Square, the police let them through”

“People have ceased to be afraid, do not give their own. And the cops vydno that morally drooped. Putin is a thief!!!! Freedom for the Beginner !!”

There are many hundreds of other examples as the unrest continues late into the night in Moscow and even at Russia embassies abroad.

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