WATCH: The View Has Tension-Filled Debate Over Iran Deal Pullout, North Korea


There was a fierce debate on The View today as the ladies reacted to the ongoing developments on North Korea and the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

In light of North Korea’s release of the three Americans they were holding prisoner, Meghan McCain said that President Donald Trump‘s approach to diplomacy seems to be working better than Barack Obama‘s, despite her skepticism. Things started to flare-up from there as McCain’s colleagues debated her on whether Obama’s diplomatic approach was really an “apology tour,” and whether Trump deserves more credit than Obama for laying the groundwork to deal with North Korea.

The conversation eventually moved on to Iran, and the panel debated the implications of Trump’s decision now that he has torn up the Iran deal against the wishes of America’s allies. Joy Behar said Trump is trying to erase Obama’s legacy out of “jealousy,” but tension started to bubble up again when McCain pointed out the Iran deal’s most controversial elements.

McCain argued against the deal because of the substantial monetary benefits reaped by Iran. Whoopi Goldberg countered that America has taken similar action in the past, such as the Iran-Contra scandal. The discussion eventually descended into a food-fight, as the panel debated the best course of action for dealing with Iran.

“I’m sorry it is difficult for me to sit here and accept that we should be funding terror,” McCain said.

“You guys don’t have another plan!” Goldberg responded. “You don’t have a way to get Iran to comply.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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