BREAKING: CNN Reporting AG Bill Barr Preparing to Announce Completion of Mueller Probe ‘As Early as Next Week’

A new report indicates that Attorney General Bill Barr is bracing the Justice Department for what might be the imminent release of Robert Mueller‘s report on Russia.

CNN reports that Barr is preparing to announce the conclusion of the special counsel’s investigation, and will give a summary of Mueller’s report to Congress. The contents and timeline for the report’s release are not yet clear, but the news suggests that Mueller’s report might be complete “as early as next week.”

Throughout his confirmation hearing, Barr was repeatedly pressed on how much of Mueller’s report he would release to Congress and how much should be publicly released. Special counsel regulations say Mueller will have to submit a “confidential” report on Russia to Barr at the end of his work, while Barr would have to decide what to share Congress. This will involve Barr telling lawmakers if the Justice Department took any measure to restrict Mueller’s investigation.

Watch above, via CNN.

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