Cruz Surrogate Decodes New York Values: About ‘Pushy’ People and ‘Big Sandwiches’

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 9.19.10 PMAs the blowback from Donald Trump‘s fierce shaming of Ted Cruz at Thursday night’s debate continues, many in the media have been dancing around the coded meaning behind Ted Cruz‘s “New York values” attack. CNN’s Chris Cuomo hinted at it strongly Friday morning, and others have quizzed Cruz and his surrogates on the subtext, who have stuck to the “liberal social views” line.

That hidden meaning has evolved to include a panoply of non-Anglo-hetero-male types, but is rooted in one type of person who stereotypically embodies those “values,” and on Friday evening’s MTP Daily, a prominent Cruz surrogate decoded the phrase a little bit more. See if you can tell what former Virginia Attorney General Ken “Cooch” Cuccinelli is driving at here with Chuck Todd:

Todd: let’s start with last night and let’s go, when you hear the phrase New York values, I understand what Donald Trump said. Can you explain what ted Cruz is implying?

Cuccinelli: Social liberalism, and a pushy version of it, and I think that’s sort of an expectation in the political arena, that’s what we understand. There’s lots of other things that go with that like cheesecake and big sandwiches.

There it is. If you don’t know who Cuccinelli is talking about when he references “pushy” people who like a nice Reuben sandwich, then maybe this will help.

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