Fox’s Kilmeade Fires Back at The View for ‘Skewing’ His 9/11 Memorial Remarks


Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade responded on his radio show today to the hosts of The View calling him out for his comments yesterday about the 9/11 memorial.

He asked Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, “Do you worry 100 years from now that someone’s going to try and take that memorial down like they’re trying to remake our memorials today?” Zinke said, “I’m an advocate of learning from our monuments, understanding the period that they were made.”

Whoopi Goldberg went off on Kilmeade this morning and told Kilmeade to “read a book.”

On The Brian Kilmeade Show today, the host said, “I cannot wait to clarify something that they skewed.”

He brought up the news about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio convening a commission to review potentially problematic monuments. There have been calls for a Columbus statue (a statue that was vandalized yesterday) to be taken down, and Kilmeade rattled off a list of more monuments being scrutinized.

Kilmeade was joined by colleague Shannon Bream, saying that it’s a problem “when you go around erasing all history.” She said the situation is “way more complex” when you look back at America’s past.

Kilmeade said to impose today’s values on people who lived years ago “shows the arrogance of our generation.” He brought up Barack Obama‘s past opposition to gay marriage and continued on:

“What about all those people who thought it was perfectly okay for women not to vote? What about all those people… that thought it was perfectly okay for blacks to go to the back of the bus? Are they all horrible people? They’re brought up in a time where for some reason that was considered the norm. But as a society, we kept getting better. We always keep improving. But you can’t say that Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are bad because you don’t agree with everything that they did.”

You can watch Kilmeade’s full remarks above, via Fox News Radio.

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