Dan Abrams: ‘Rudy Giuliani Has Got to Be Nervous’ After Arrest of Ukraine-Connected Associates


Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said that on the heels of the arrests of two Ukraine-connected associates, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani “has got to be nervous.”

On Friday morning’s edition of ABC’s Good Morning America, host George Stephanopoulos asked Abrams about the expanding Ukraine scandal that threatens President Donald Trump’s presidency, and particularly about the arrests of two Giuliani associates as they tried to leave the country on one-way tickets to Vienna.

“We’re coming up on the third week since this story first broke, we’ve now got these subpoenas to so many administration official, the impeachment investigation proceeding, but now this criminal investigation as well, coupled with the arrest of Rudy Giuliani associates,” Stephanopoulos said.

“Right, and these are two associates who are effectively Rudy’s boots on the ground in Ukraine, and they’re now indicted on the very crime that Congress is investigating, in the very place that Congress is investigating, campaign finance violations in Ukraine,” Abrams said.

He went on to say that “Rudy Giuliani has got to be nervous, here, because the investigation is ongoing,” and pointed out that “the fact that the last lunch that these guys had was with Rudy Giuliani, they were not planning on unsealing this indictment, the US attorney wasn’t. They felt they had to do it suddenly because they felt that these guys were leaving the country with one way tickets and they needed to do it now, and they needed to do it fast.”

“And so the question becomes did someone tip them off about the possibility of an indictment?” Abrams continued. “And you also had one report that Rudy Giuliani was also going to Vienna the next day, which is where these two gentlemen were going.”

Abrams described several questions that this investigation raises about the secrecy surrounding these associates’ activities, and said “So these are all questions that are going to be examined, and they are not the sort of questions that Rudy Giuliani wants to be associated with.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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