READ: CNN Lawsuit Against Trump Features Kellyanne’s Remarks on ‘Sped Up’ Video, Acosta Death Threats


CNN has sued the Trump Administration for revoking Jim Acosta‘s press pass, making public the network’s complaint to DC District Court — and there are some juicy tidbits in the filing

CNN’s lawsuit calls the banning of Acosta a violation of his constitutional rights protecting press freedom and due process. Politico’s Jason Schwartz and the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple scoured through the network’s court documents and flagged some highlights that are quite pertinent to the current news cycle.

Several portions of the lawsuit called out the White House narrative that Acosta inappropriately treated a White House intern who tried to take away his microphone during a presser clash with Trump.

Since Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused Acosta of roughhousing with a video she put out on Twitter, the lawsuit noted what Kellyanne Conway had to say about allegations the video was “doctored” in an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace. Conway denied the video was deceptively altered, while admitting it was “sped up.”

Here’s the portion of the lawsuit where Acosta gave his side to the story of the White House’s attempted confiscation of his microphone.

In terms of how Acosta’s life has been affected by the Trump Administration’s attacks and the loss of his press pass, he said that White House is trying to send a message to journalists asking the president tough questions.

The lawsuit also has Acosta commenting the regular death threats he has received since covering the administration, and alleges the White House has rejected his applications for a day pass since his hard pass was revoked.

Read the full text of CNN’s lawsuit here.

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