Kellyanne Conway, When Confronted By Chris Wallace on Acosta Video: It’s Not Altered, It’s ‘Sped Up’


Kellyanne Conway insisted on Fox News Sunday that the video posted by the White House to justify the revoking of CNN reporter Jim Acosta‘s press pass was not doctored — just “sped up.”

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace confronted the White House official on the use of a video, sourced from conspiracy website Infowars and apparently doctored, which dramatized the physical contact between Acosta and a female White House intern.

Wallace noted he has been “very critical” of Acosta, before asking about the White House posting a video “that was clearly altered to make it look like it was more of a physical confrontation than it really was.”

“First of all, what you mean by edited or, as others are saying, ‘doctored video?’” Conway replied. “He either put his hands on her or grabbed the mic back, or he did not.”

“And he clearly did,” Conway added, falsely.

Wallace replied: “He clearly did, but the video was altered — and there are experts who have looked at it — to speed it up to make it look…”

“Well that’s not altered, that’s sped up,” Conway explained. “They do it all the time and sports to see if there’s a first down or a touchdown. I have to disagree with the, I think, overwrought description of this video being doctored.”

Conway later described Acosta’s contact with the intern as a “karate chop” and related it to her experience with physical violence.

“I’m currently deciding whether or not to press charges on an incident that happened last month, in fact,” she said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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