Sharpton: Totally Unacceptable Northam Did Not Resign, ‘He Said I Didn’t Do Blackface Here, I Did Blackface There’

During a press conference designed to deny wearing blackface that appeared on his yearbook page, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam admitted that he had darkened his face for a Michael Jackson dance contest. That happened.

After the jaw-dropping press conference ended, MSBNC turned to a panel assembled to provide reaction. The commentary was slightly delayed start as host Kendis Gibson appeared to need a moment to catch his breath before saying “I must say seemed like a terrible attempt at damage control speaking for more than 40 minutes.”

He eventually threw to Reverend Al Sharpton for his insight, who did not disappoint.

“It was totally unacceptable that he did not resign and he made it worse,” Sharpton opined adding, “He said I didn’t do blackface here, I did blackface there.”

He then provided historical context for Michale Jackson’s cultural relevance in the early ’80s, The Jackson’s Victory tour and reminded viewers that even Al Sharpton can criticize Democratic officials when it comes to blackface.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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