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The Young Turks Responds to ‘Classless’ Olivia Munn Comments: ‘We Had The Wrong Facts’

Video unearthed by Mediaite of a 2011 episode of The Young Turks showed hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian dismissing Olivia Munn’s sexual harassment allegations against director Brett Ratner.

Munn is one of six women that have now come out to accuse Ratner of sexual misconduct. She originally alluded to this abuse, however, way back in her 2010 memoir — and the director retaliated by saying they participated in consensual sex acts, claiming that he “banged her a few times.”

Ratner would later admit that he’d lied about have sex with Munn, but not before The Young Turks dismissed Munn’s allegations on their YouTube show, with Kasparian calling her “so classless.”

On Wednesday, Uygur and Kasparian addressed the ordeal on their show, with both defending Munn and Kasparian apologizing profusely for her “classless” comment.

After noting that she had made her comment based off of erroneous reporting by Entertainment Weekly that said Munn dated Ratner, Kasparian said the following: “they never had sex, he had harassed her, I did not know that, not giving myself any excuses, at all, under any circumstances. And I feel horrible. Our commentary was based on bad reporting, and I should have known better.”

“Olivia Munn was completely smeared and it’s horrible,” Uygyur added. “First Brett Ratner lied about what happened. And she had actually the class to not name him in the book, even though he did something terrible to her.”

“We had the wrong facts,” Uygyur added.

Watch above, via The Young Turks. The relevant segment starts at minute 2:45.

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