WATCH: Warren Accuses Mike Bloomberg of Trying to Buy the Election During an Interview On Bloomberg

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has spent much of her campaign going after billionaires. Now, she’s taking the fight to their home turf.

During an interview on Wednesday night, the 2020 candidate accused former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg of trying to buy the election. This, of course, is a shocking enough charge on its own. But the most stunning part? The fact that she said it while appearing on Bloomberg TV

“I’m so concerned about Michael Bloomberg jumping into this race,” Warren said. “Dropping $37 million in one week on ad buys? I don’t believe that elections ought to be for sale. And I don’t think as a Democratic Party that we should say that the only way you’re going to get elected, the only way you’re going to be our nominee, is either if you are a billionaire, or if you’re sucking up to billionaires.”

But that wasn’t the only instance of Warren using the billionaire’s own airwaves to bash him. Prior to the interview, Warren bought ad time and aired a spot in which she attacked Bloomberg, according to Bloomberg.

“It’s a lot cheaper to spend a few hundred mil just buying the presidency instead of paying the two-cent wealth tax,” Warren said in the commercial.

Watch above, via Bloomberg.

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