#WarOnThanksgiving Trends on Twitter as Users Mock Trump and Supporters For Sounding Alarm


As Americans prepare to enjoy Thanksgiving, a war was brewing on Twitter following President Donald Trump’s warning that unnamed, nefarious forces are seeking to destroy the holiday.

Trump held a rally in Florida on Tuesday night where he offered the strange claim that people “want to change the name of Thanksgiving.” Mediaite posited that Trump’s claim was planted in his head by Fox New’s coverage on a HuffPost article about how to have an environmentally friendly Thanksgiving. Fox & Friends covered Trump’s remarks the next day in a completion of the feedback loop.

Since Trump and his favorite media outlet are entertaining the idea that liberals are trying to destroy the holiday, #WarOnThanksgiving emerged as a trending topic on Twitter, with users mocking the concept with sarcastic reports on how the war’s shaping up.

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