Dunkin’ Donuts is Eliminating the Coffee Coolatta and Customers Are Outraged

Hannity on Comey Hearing: Democrats and the Media Continuing ‘Political Witch Hunt’

Celebrity Chef José Andrés Answers ‘What If Politicians Worked in Restaurants?’

California Waiter Fired From Restaurant After Allegedly Asking Diners for ‘Proof of Residency’

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Readers Sent The Washington Post Pizza Yesterday…

Paul Ryan Got Roasted on Twitter For His ‘Offensive’ Pint of Guinness

The LAPD is After Someone Who Keeps Dining and Dashing on His Dinner Dates

RIP Honey Nut Cheerios Bee: General Mills Removes Buzz the Bee to Raise Awareness

This Bloomberg Article About Domino’s Is Set Up Like the Chain’s ‘Pizza Tracker’

Report: Michael Savage Thrown to Floor by Man Shouting ‘Weiner, Weiner’

Tesco’s White Chairman of the Board Claimed White Men are ‘Endangered Species’ in Boardrooms

Does Heinz’s New Mad Men Ad Have Trump Subtext?

Two Teenage Arsonists Started a Fire at a Restaurant So The Owner Offered Them Jobs

Michael Ian Black Perfectly Explains How Trump Got Elected With a Story About Subway

Starburst is Finally Releasing a Bag With Just The Pink Ones

Ben and Jerry’s Releases Cereal-Flavored Ice Cream Because Childhood is Delicious

This Woman Made a Burrito Wrapper Dress to Get Married At Taco Bell

Mediaite’s New ‘Media Winner and Loser of the Day’ Newsletter is Here!

‘Keep Up the Good Fight’: Tom Hanks Gifts WH Press Corps Espresso Machine, Words of Encouragement

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