Watch This Guy Eat the World’s Spiciest Noodles, Then Promptly Flip Out

Whoopsie! MSNBC Plays Fried Chicken Ad In Place of Hillary Clinton Clip During Racism Segment

Gross: Ketchup Cake is Now a Thing

Finally: Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress is a Thing You Can Eat

Dad Proudly Posts Photo of 8-Year-Old Daughter Taking a Bite of a ‘Warm, Quivering’ Deer Heart

This Masochist Bathed Himself in Hot Sauce, and it’s Terrifying

Bill Murray Actually Ate French Fries off a Stranger’s Plate This Weekend

The Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chain in The Country is Not What You’d Expect

Mike Pence Supports His Boss by Eating Fried Chicken on a Plane

This Guy Had to Have 40 Knives Surgically Removed From His Stomach Because He’s Addicted to Eating Them

You Won’t Believe the Food That Has Quickly Replaced Tobacco as The Most Popular Currency in US Prisons

​Dear ​Gawker Readers, Commenters, Tipsters ​(​and Writers​)​​, Might We Interest You in Something a Little Different​?

Kanye West Upstaged Frank Ocean’s New Album With a Poem About McDonald’s

Racist Couple Who Will ‘Only Tip Citizens’ Gets Banned From Restaurant

Millions of Dollars in Free Burritos Can’t Save Chipotle

Rob Kardashian Spent $13,000 in One Month on Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy Cravings

McDonald’s Tries to Get Kids Moving, Burns Them Instead

No, You Can’t Make Fried Chicken in The Microwave

Celebrity Chefs Have Come Together to Support Hillary Clinton

Kendall Jenner Has an Actual Diagnosable Condition That Makes Her Afraid of Pancakes

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