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Mediaite is Hiring a Part-Time Copy Editor

Watch a Knife-Wielding Robber Run Away After Being Confronted With a Soup Ladle

Jimmy John’s Employees Were Caught on Video Jumping Rope With Dough

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The Killers Want Free Orange Chicken for Life After Panda Express Used One of Their Lyrics…

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Chef’s Sensual Salting Technique

Dairy Queen Revokes Franchise From Owner Who Called Customers the N-Word

Pizza ATMs May be Everywhere Sooner Than You Think

Several D.C. Restaurants Are Donating Inauguration Profits to Charities Including Planned Parenthood

The Wendy’s Twitter Account is Owning Everyone Today

Lawsuit Alleges Dude Ranch Owner Asked Chef to Cook ‘Black People Food’

McDonald’s Opens in Vatican-Owned Building in Spite of Cardinal’s Opposition

Restaurant Won’t Add Trump to Its Mural That Depicts Every President Since Eisenhower

Top Chef Season 14, Episode 5 Recap: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

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NY Pizzeria Gave Out Free Pies to Customers Dressed as Princess Leia

WATCH: LeBron James Had to Eat Raw Garlic on a Lost Bet and He Really Didn’t Like it

Newspaper Accidentally Posts String of Expletives in Otherwise-Mundane Column

Anthony Bourdain Slams ‘Privileged Left’ For Their ‘Utter Contempt’ of Working-Class Americans

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