Fox Guests Blow Up Over Whether Obama Has ‘Bent Over Too Much’ For the GOP

A Fox News Channel panel discussion exploded on Friday when the guests battled over whether President Barack Obama has an obligation to negotiate with Congressional Republicans in order to end the government shutdown. Conservative talk show host Jason Mattera and Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky brawled over whether he should or the GOP should simply declare victory and pass a clean spending bill to reopen the government.

“The reason we are in this situation, I believe as a Democrat, is because he has bent over too much,” Roginsky asserted. “These guys know they can walk all over him.”

“I understand where he’s coming from,” Roginsky added. She said that the Affordable Care Act is “over” and the GOP needs to “move on” form their opposition to that law.

Mattera responded by noting that, Constitutionally, spending bills must originate in the House. “Barack Obama needs to be reminded that he is not a dictator,” Mattera insisted. “This is not a dictatorship.”

He added that the debt limit has been used to negotiate deals between the two parties in Congress since Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency.

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Roginsky said that Obama is “peeved” that Republicans have not accepted as a concession that the government is going to be funded at sequester spending levels. “That is something that is anathema to this president,” Roginsky said.

Matera and Roginsky battled over whether this was a true concession or not. “The Republicans have already won,” Roginsky asserted. “They should just declare victory.”

Fox anchor Martha MacCallum stepped in and insisted Mattera, who was issuing a long rebuttal to Roginsky point, in order to ask for their impression from The Economist magazine that both the GOP and Obama are to blame for the shutdown.

Roginsky agreed, but said that polls suggest the Republicans will be blamed more for the shutdown. Mattera shot back that the shutdown would end if the Democrats agreed to a small concession like the elimination of the medical device tax within the ACA.

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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