Ed Henry Curiously Wonders About Accountability for the Obama Administration Over Russian Interference


Fox & Friends opened Friday mornings show by covering the top-level findings of the Mueller Report, in the same super simplified manner as Attorney General William Barr did in both his summary letter and his pre-release press conference: No Collusion, No Obstruction.

However, lets long-time viewers of the decidedly pro-Trump show thought that this would be a complete whitewash, co-host Brian Kilmeade laudably reviewed the numerous ways that Russian officials interfered and attempted to reach out to Trump campaign officials.

But it was Fox News reporter Ed Henry who brought the pro-Trump train back on track when he noted that the Russian influence happened during the Obama administration and disingenuously asked why that’s not getting attention.

Henry followed Kilmeade saying “Good point happening in 2015, 2016,” before adding “Who was president? Donald Trump? No Barack Obama. It was happening under President Obama’s. Where is the accountability for the Obama Administration?”

The Obama administration was well aware of the Russian interference efforts into the 2016 General Election and approached Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to agree to make a bi-partisan announcement to the nation, which McConnell refused.

Former Vice President Joe Biden outlined that experience during a speech at the Council of Foreign Relations, the summary of which was published in a report by NPR:

Speaking on Tuesday at the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden said the Obama administration sought a united front to dispel concerns that going public with such accusations would be seen as an effort to undermine the legitimacy of the election.

However, McConnell “wanted no part of having a bipartisan commitment saying, essentially, ‘Russia’s doing this. Stop,’ ” he said.

At that point, Biden added, he felt that “the die had been cast” and that “this was all about the political play.”

Fox News makes very clear there is a clear divide between news and opinion programming, but that claim is difficult to take seriously when Ed Henry, who is considered by Fox News staffers to be a serious news reporter, is hosting an opinion show that consistently only offers a full-throated defense of the Trump administration.

Henry is a former White House reporter for Fox News during the Obama administration and he knows better than to throw out such a specious rhetorical question about “Obama administration accountability.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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