Trump Calls on NY Times to ‘Release Their Sources’ on Russia Report


Donald Trump

President Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of the New York Times for its recent story about a purported US cyber attack on Russia’s power grid, claiming it was not only “fake news” but also calling on the newspaper to “release their sources.”

The story has raised alarms in Washington — and embarrassed the White House — not just because of its revelations about a secret American cyber attack on a major geopolitical foe, but because the Times also reported that Pentagon officials intentionally kept Trump in the dark about the operation for fear he would countermand or possibly leak news of it to foreign officials.

Trump’s latest comments come just days after he lobbed the incendiary charges of “treason” and “corrupt” at the Times when the story first broke on Saturday.

Even more bizarre, just last month, Trump strongly hinted that he had green-lighted a cyberattack on Russia around the time of the 2018 midterm elections, the same period as the operation that the Times detailed on that country’s power grid.

Photo of Donald Trump via Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty-Images.

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