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Bernie Sanders ‘Disgusted’ By Online Criticism Towards Elizabeth Warren, Defends Her ‘Strong Campaign’

During a live press conference from Burlington on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, defended Elizabeth Warren’s decision to stay in the presidential race following her Super Tuesday performance, labeling her “a very, very excellent senator” who has “run a strong campaign.”

The Vermont senator additionally called for people to stop making “vitriolic attacks on somebody because you disagree with them,” defending both his and Warren’s supporters against recent online attacks.

Sanders has previously had to condemn his own followers for engaging in online bullying, stating in a CNN town hall, “What our people are involved in, we are a campaign which believes in compassion, which believes in justice. So I don’t tolerate ugly attacks against anybody.”

Warren had a disappointing Super Tuesday, not placing first in any state, and only managing to place third in her home state of Massachusetts.

Many deemed her performance a reason to drop out of the race and endorse Sanders, however, the Vermont senator did not pressure her to do so during his press conference, stating, “She will make her own decision in her own time.”

Warren campaign manager Roger Lau has additionally sent out an email to staff explaining that the senator is “going to take time right now to think through the right way to continue this fight.”

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