Chris Hayes: Trump’s Trying to ‘Override the Votes of the People’ While Republicans Do Nothing to Stop Him


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes opened his show Wednesday going off on President Donald Trump and his allies for trying to “steal an election” while Republicans do little to stop him.

Hayes slammed the latest efforts from the Trump legal team (starring Rudy Giuliani) to “nullify the will of the people,” bringing up a strange turn in the Pennsylvania case in particular.

“Now, if you’re confused about what Donald Trump and his enablers are doing right now, you’re not alone. That makes sense. Because there’s, as far as I can tell, no real master strategy to what we’re watching. They aren’t making some well-thought-out chess moves here. They’re jus are kind of throwing everything at the wall,” Hayes said.

He said that clearly “screwing people over,” attacking enemies, and filing tons of frivolous lawsuits has been who Trump is for decades, adding, “His life is evidence that not caring about other people or the destruction you cause is itself a weird kind of superpower.”

And now he’s getting away with it, Hayes said, because Republicans are “going along for the ride, no matter what damage it is doing to the country, and the damage it is doing is real.”

He brought up the brief issue Tuesday night of Michigan Republican officials in one county refusing to certify the election results before caving hours later.

“To the extent there’s a strategy here, it is this. As you saw in the Pennsylvania filing they are trying to use pressure and lawsuits and delaying tactics to slow state certification of election results, and then they want Republican lawmakers or sympathetic judges to step in and simply override the votes of the people that we cast as Americans for our leader,” Hayes said.

He also noted the attacks, even death threats, state officials — even some Republicans — have been facing as a result of all this.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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