Howard Schultz (Remember Him?) Drops 2020 Flirtation, Won’t Launch Independent Bid

Hey, remember those couple of weeks in January and early February when cable news treated Howard Schultz like he was a thing? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, he’s totally not.

Schultz dropped his never-had-a-prayer 2020 aspiration on Friday morning — citing, among other things, a desire not to siphon votes away from a moderate Democratic opponent of President Donald Trump, and a bad back.

“If I went forward, there is a risk that my name would appear on ballots even if a moderate Democrat wins the nomination, and that is not a risk I am willing to take,” Schultz wrote in a letter posted to his website.

The former Starbucks chief spent weeks making the rounds on cable news trying to promote a book that didn’t make much of a splash, and to dip his toe in the water for 2020. Schultz, after eight months, has seen the light.

“My belief in the need to reform our two-party system has not wavered, but I have concluded that an independent campaign for the White House is not how I can best serve our country at this time,” he wrote.

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