John Avlon Shreds Trump Over ‘Delusional’ Claim He Easily Won Election: Like Saying ‘the Sky Is Green… Moon Is Made of Cheese’

CNN’s John Avlon zeroed in on the latest of Donald Trump’s bald-faced lies about the 2020 election, equating the president’s absurdly false claim that he handily won the 2020 election with obviously unsure statements like “the sky is green” or “the moon is made of cheese.”

On Tuesday, Trump had called in to a meeting in a Gettsyburg Wyndham hotel, where his campaign’s legal advisors, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, pushed their baseless election fraud theories to some Republican state legislators from Pennsylvania. As he spoke through Ellis’ phone, which she awkwardly held up to a microphone, Trump lied, saying: This was an election that we won easily. We won it by a lot.”

In fact, President-elect Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes and is leading the national popular vote by more than six million votes so far — and he will win the Electoral College 306 – 232.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan, guest hosting Outfront, teed up Avlon by contrasting Biden’s pre-Thanksgiving statement with Trump’s ongoing conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

“It is actually night and day, John,” Bolduan said, after juxtaposing the two.

“The contrast has been clear through out the campaign. It’s a reflection of their character, and it’s been reflected in their campaign strategies from the beginning,” Avlon said. “Biden has run as a uniter in a very divided time. Trump cannot stop to divide this country. It’s all he knows how to do.”

“The last line that Trump said: ‘We won this election by a lot,’ let’s not normalize that lie, because it is delusional,” Avlon fired off. “It’s a political equivalent of someone standing outside and saying that the sky is green, that the moon is made out of cheese and they’re Napoleon. It’s pathetic. It shows a fundamental disrespect for fact and reality, and frankly his supporters as well. It’s a symptom of an unwell person. We should not normalize lies it because it’s just Trump lying trying to overturn the election as he wants to do. No, he’s delusional.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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