Jonathan Turley Optimistic About a Smooth Trump Exit: ‘He May Have the Greatest Moment of His Career Bringing Us Together’


Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley said he was optimistic that President Donald Trump would step down from the White House smoothly, projecting that “he may have the greatest moment of his career bringing us together.”

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher noted that the Trump campaign has been pushing the idea that there are irregularities when it comes to counting the vote in Pennsylvania.

He then read Turley a statement from the Trump campaign:

“We prevailed in court on our challenge but were deprived of our valuable time and denied the transparency we’re entitled to under state law,” he read, later asking Turley if their claim was enough to get courts to take a second look at the votes.

“They have a legitimate objection to how monitors and observers were treated in Pennsylvania,” Turley replied. “I’m still at a loss to understand the high ground of these electoral officials in trying to prevent monitors and observers. It has fueled these views of many that there was something untoward happening.”

Turley then claimed that even if courts agree that the Biden campaign unfairly won the election, they would probably fail to do anything about it.

Gallagher asked if the lawsuits are meant to challenge the outcome of the presidential race or if it’s meant to delegitimize the entire process of voting in states like Pennsylvania.

“I hope it’s not the latter because at the end of the day Donald Trump is the President of the United States and he may have the greatest moment of his career bringing us together even if it’s in a concession speech,” Turley said.

So far, Trump and his team have not faced the possibility of a loss smoothly, pushing false claims of victory and voter fraud.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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