PA Lt. Gov John Fetterman Shrugs Off Trump Inviting His State’s GOP Leadership to White House: ‘Who Cares?!…They Can Clap Their Tinker Bell All They Want’

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, mocked and shrugged off reports that President Donald Trump is inviting the Republican leadership from his state’s legislature to the White House over the weekend, for possible in-person campaign to get them to override the voters’ election of Joe Biden  to be the next president.

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett, the Keystone state’s second-highest executive made clear that he did not fear Trump’s unprecedented persuasion tactics had any chance of success, much like they failed to win over two of Michigan’s top state GOP lawmakers on Friday.

“I’m not concerned at all,” Fetterman insisted. “Look, the bottom line is that, you know, [Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader] Jake Corman is — I like Jake and I appreciate the line that he has to walk between governance and as the upcoming pro-tem president of the senate and striking a balance with the lunatic fringe/death cult wing of the party, too. That’s just a nod to that faction. The bottom line is this — you know, they can clap their Tinker Bell all they want. They can go visit the White House. But it’s not going to change the music, because, you know, everybody — and I mean everyone from the president on down, knows how this movie is going to end.”

“I understand how you’re characterizing it, but [Trump] is basically saying if, if, if, but all the ifs are predicated upon Pennsylvania not certifying results on Monday as it is supposed to do,” Burnett pointed out. “Is there any question that Pennsylvania will not certify on Monday with Joe Biden as the winner?

“None,” Fetterman said bluntly.

“As your guest alluded to earlier, if they don’t certify Joe Biden’s results, they don’t certify the entire House result either. And there’s not going to be technically a House of Representatives to even work with,” Fetterman explained. “So the bottom line is, I understand very much that they have to, again, pander to the lunatic fringe elements of their party. But the bottom line is that the law is firmly on the governor’s side here, and the secretary of state. It’s very clear that the secretary of state certifies it, and then the governor does. And anything else is just simply performance art. And it’s just sad.”

Burnett then noted that the two GOP state legislators from Michigan put out a statement directly rebuffing the Trump campaign’s strategy just one minute after meeting with the president. “Do you think they’ll do the same?” she then asked, of his state’s GOP delegation.

“Who cares?! I mean, go, go! Have a good time,” Fetterman burst out, his mockery undisguised. “But it’s not going to change anything. And they really need to be careful too, because my understanding is there’s a flare-up of Covid in the house right now. So I don’t see that being a happy ending. But it’s their story, they’ve got to tell it the way they need to. But the law is on our side. The bottom line, is facts are on our side. The bottom line, is Biden is the President-Elect, and he’s up over 83,000 votes. Again, unless there’s some enchanted little village of 90,000 Trump voters that we may have missed over the last two weeks since the election, you know, this is ball game in Pennsylvania. And, again, it’s ball game and we have a president-elect, Joe Biden.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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