Romney Challenges GOP Colleagues Arguing Trump Trial Would Sow Discord: Publicly State There Was No Voter Fraud, Then ‘I’ll Listen to You’

Sen. Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney was just one of five Republican senators Tuesday who votd against an effort to reject the Trump impeachment trial at the outset.

Romney has made it clear he believes Trump’s actions in stirring up the angry mob that stormed the Capitol were an impeachable offense, and he’s rejected the idea pushed forth by some colleagues that the trial would be unconstitutional.

But with a number of Republicans in both the House and Senate saying the trial would be too divisive, Romney called out that logic in comments reported by The Deseret News:

“I say, first of all, have you gone out publicly and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States? If you said that, then I’m happy to listen to you talk about other things that might inflame anger and divisiveness,” he said.

“But if you haven’t said that, that’s really what’s at the source of the anger right now.”

The former president and his allies threw out a number of baseless claims about the 2020 election results, even straight-up falsely saying it was “stolen,” and in the past few weeks Republicans have talked up how many people believe the election wasn’t fair.

Romney said his colleagues should be saying publicly on TV, “You know what, I was a big Trump supporter, I was really pulling for Donald Trump, but he lost fair and square.”

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