Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Desperate’ Victory Claims: ‘A Power Grab by a Terrified Strongman in the Dead of Night’


Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump for his premature and “desperate” election victory claims  — calling it “a power grab by a terrified strongman in the dead of night.”

“As you can see, I am still on the election set because the election is still going on—as we knew it would,” said the host on Wednesday night. “We planned to keep this setup for days — because COVID. It’s going to take a while to count all the votes. And it’s all coming down to a few states where they’re still counting votes.”

Because the program aired during the second night of the election, Colbert got the opportunity to share some exciting news: Joe Biden won Wisconsin.

“Woo! The cheeseheads are now blue cheesehead,” he joked “That’s really gotta sting, because Trump has continued to make such a big deal out of winning Wisconsin back in 2016.”

The host then roasted Trump unsuccessfully trying to keep the state red, even after he won Wisconsin 2016 by 22,748 votes.

“Trump’s mishandling of the virus may have played a large part in Biden’s win, because recently, Wisconsin has become a Covid-19 hot spot,” he added. “But with this win, Democrats across the country can breathe a little easier — except for the ones in Wisconsin, because, again, it’s a Covid-19 hot spot.”

The host then roasted Trump and his campaign for claiming victory in states before all votes were counted — blasting the move for reeking of “desperation and cheap cologne.”

“With eight million votes still uncounted, Trump’s campaign manager came out of the blue to announce, ‘We are declaring a victory in Pennsylvania,’ said Colbert. “Bold! And I fully expect his victory in Pennsylvania to be just as successful as his victory over coronavirus.”

“There it is. A power grab by a terrified strongman in the dead of night. Classic,” Colbert added, directly bashing the president. “If there’s anything 2 a.m. is known for, it’s desperate moves by sad little men who are afraid to go home like a loser.”

On a bit of a lighter note, Colbert also pointed to the legalization and decriminalization of several drugs in several states throughout the nation.

“Friends and neighbors, last night wasn’t just about the fate of democracy; it was also about getting high, because voters across the nation, Americans of all stripes, voted yes on the proposition,” he said, adding, “You guys party?”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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