Top Dem Clyburn on Biden Segregationist Senator Remarks: He Should Be ‘More Careful, But I Know Where His Heart Is’


Most of the 2020 Democrats are in South Carolina this weekend for the state party convention. One of the key figures in the state is House Majority Whip James Clyburn, whose annual fish fry Friday night was attended by 21 of the candidates running for president.

Going into this weekend, the big controversy in the Democratic party was former VP Joe Biden talking about civility and working with segregationist senators decades ago. Some Democrats have defended him and others––especially fellow candidates like Cory Booker––have been more critical.

This morning MSNBC’s Joy Reid spoke with Clyburn and asked him about Biden’s remarks and what “the purpose of a comment like that” was.

Clyburn said he understands the issues Booker had with Biden’s comments, but he also understands the point Biden was making about working with people he disagrees with––citing his own experience working across the aisle.

Biden had initially responded by suggesting Booker should be the one to apologize. Reid said he “didn’t seem to understand” Booker’s reaction and asked, “Do you think that he understands Joe Biden now why those remarks hurt people?”

“I think he understands now and I think he understood at that time,” Clyburn said. “I know where his heart is on the issue and I would hope that he would spend a little bit more time, be a little bit more careful, but I know where his heart is. Joe doesn’t feel that way at all and he has to understand sometimes to put yourself in another person’s place.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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