SNL Spoofs Fox News and Laura Ingraham in Cold Open


Saturday Night Live opened up their latest show with another Fox News spoof with Kate McKinnon‘s Laura Ingraham front and center.

“Hello, again. I’m Laura Ingraham and you’re watching The Ingraham Angle which re-airs on Telemundo as La Madre del Diablo,” McKinnon as Ingraham began. “Later in the program, celebrities in California are whining about some tiny wildfires, while our heroic president is under constant attack from rain.”

The SNL Ingraham further made an outrageous claim about voter fraud before opining, “You can’t dismiss that idea simply because it isn’t true and sounds insane. In fact, let’s add that to our list of ‘feel’ facts. Which aren’t technically facts, but they just feel true. Like — Latinos can have a baby every three months. Santa is Jesus’ dad. If the Earth is so warm, then why are my feet cold? Blackface is a compliment.”

A series of Fox News style ‘guests’ then appeared, including SNL versions Jeanine Pirro talking voter fraud, Marcia Fudge setting off black voter mobilization alarms and a robotic-like Mark Zuckerberg who reminded himself to blink.

The sketch then ended with a spoof of  Ingraham’s real-life guest, millennial vaper ‘Tommy Smokes’ who announced on Ingraham’s real show, “There is nothing cooler than blowing a fat cloud like that. They call me the Colossus of Cloud. It helps my swag.”

On SNL’s version,  Smokes — as played by Pete Davidson —  told Ingraham she made the right choice by having him on rather than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and pledged to have his dong out after the break.

Watch above, via NBC

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