SNL’s Weekend Update Torches MTG, Republican Gun Rights Support And ‘Accidental Incest’ After Bombarding Trump


Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update followed its barrage about former President Donald Trump’s indictment with gags torching Marjorie Taylor Green, Republicans on gun rights, and something called “Accidental incest.”

Quinta Brunson was the guest host on this week’s edition of Saturday Night Live. Lil Yachty was the musical guest.

But many fans of the sketch show wait around just to see the musical guest, then catch the weekly nightly news parody anchored by Colin Jost and Michael Che.

This week, the first solid three minutes or so of the Update segment was devoted to the news that Trump was indicted Thursday by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigating the circumstances around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. According to reports, Trump faces 34 counts in the sealed indictment and will be arrested and arraigned on Tuesday.

The bloc ended with Jost performing a joke at his own expense that didn’t go quite how he planned, as Che revealed he had told the audience not to laugh as an April Fool’s prank.

The balance of the gags included digs at MTG, Republicans, and a disturbing story about a fertility clinic, among others:

MICHAEL CHE: Alright, moving right along, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene…


MICHAEL CHE: Plans to come to New York on Tuesday to protest Trump’s indictment. Because apparently it takes her three days to put on her Joker makeup up. They’ll probably laugh after this next one.

COLIN JOST: That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done. I was covered in sweat. Don’t even dare! Don’t you even DARE try now. Florida governor. Right. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks he’s Gaston. But girl, you Lefou. Ron DeSa– I’m shaking. Ron DeSantis said Florida officials would not help extradite Trump back to New York. Unless, of course, he agrees to take a busload of migrants with him.

MICHAEL CHE: In the wake of the Nashville shooting, President Biden once again called on congress to pass an assault weapons ban or. Hear me out. Stop and frisk for whites! How long before these kids earn a stereotype?

COLIN JOST: Congressman Andy Ogles, who represents the district where the Nashville shooting took place, is being criticized for a Christmas card where he and his family are holding assault rifles and putting aside mass shootings. Who are you psychos sending these cards to? If I received that in the mail, I would move. All this card tells you is I’m armed. I have terrible judgment, and I know where you live.

MICHAEL CHE: Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman and Republican Thomas Massie got into a screaming match on Capitol Hill after Bowman called the GOP gutless cowards for opposing gun control, which is a cheap shot. Because if there’s one thing Republicans definitely have, it’s big old guns.

COLIN JOST: New York City officials announced that they will stop calling the city’s park bathrooms, comfort stations, and will instead call them the more accurate stank shacks. Doctors in Nepal saved a man after he inserted a water glass into his rectum for sexual gratification and it got stuck. But I think the man actually felt positive about the experience because he said the glass was half full.

MICHAEL CHE: The first legal marijuana dispensary owned by a woman has opened in Queens, New York. Unfortunately, they had to shut down because she couldn’t open the wee jars on her own.

COLIN JOST: So now a sperm donor in the Netherlands who allegedly fathered more than 500 children is being sued for increasing the risk of accidental incest among the kids. Accidental Incest is also the title of the Worst American Pie sequel.

Watch just the gags above via NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

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