Takeru Kobayashi Forced To Perform Sideshow Act Before Heckling Bros

It’s hard out here for a guy who got ousted from the spotlight by Joey Chestnut. We feel for Takeru Kobayashi in his post-Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest fall from grace. Apparently, the sorts of things he’s been relegated to do for cash now are super degrading, and, in kind of a weird way, remind us of this in levels of disturbing.

Essentially, a bunch of bros hired Kobayashi through Thuzio to “perform” a feat of speed-eating at their Superbowl party — in this case, a whole Domino’s pizza in one minute. At first, okay, fine. He’s using his unique sideshow talents to turn a profit, here, of a cool $3250. But the video where he’s surrounded by neanderthals shoving iPhones in his face to record the feat while they do less supportive cheering on, and more offensive heckling is hard to watch.

“Holy shit!” one bro exclaims in disgust as Kobayashi is shoveling, followed by a pretty cruel cackle.

Other guys shout out unintelligible, but probably equally offensive things in general mockery and derision, until the end where they clap and pass him a beer to chug. The whole thing has the same uncomfortable vibe as watching video footage of a really terrible frat hazing. It just makes us feel dark and sad inside. We hope Kobes was at least welcomed into the bro flock after his performance and not pointed to and laughed at all night.

Check out the vid below.

[Deadspin h/t GrubStreet]

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