WATCH: Lidia Bastianich Accuses Meredith Viera Natalie Morales Of Being ‘Parsimonious’

Lidia Bastianich stopped by The Today Show this morning to show off a classy Italian version of beer-can chicken (ie., chicken braised in beer broth with fall vegetables), but she also broke out her ten-dollar words against Natalie Morales (whom she apparently mistook for Meredith Vieira? Wrong Today Show era, Lidz; we’ve moved forward) for her sub-par sous cheffing.

Natalie was seasoning and salting while Al Roker was dumping and stirring, and Lidia very matter-of-factly accuses her of being stingy with the olive oil.

“You were a little parsimonious on that olive oil, you know, Meredith,” she remarked sternly and without a hint of humor.

Uh, if Lidia Bastianich said that to us in that tone, we’re pretty sure we’d immediately soil ourselves, and not even care that she mixed us up with the person who used to host our show before us in a really awkward way.

We sort of can’t believe Natalie held it together for three more minutes. Check out the clip below.

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