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PHOTOS: Celebrity Chefs Wear Scandalously Short Shorts, Play Volleyball For Charity

PHOTOS: Celeb Chefs Wear Scandalously Short Shorts For Charity

Once upon a time, Spike Mendelsohn came up with an idea that allowed him to simultaneously raise money for the Florida International University, hang out with a bunch of his celebrity chef friends, and let him take his shirt off. Thus, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s Celebrity Beach Volleyball Tournament  was born!

Last Friday, he and a group of very famous people all took their shirts off, some of them realizing how oh so very Top Gun this charity match was. Here’s how the teams broke down:

Team Dolphin [Blue]: Josh Capon, Andrew Zimmern, Kris Wessel (eventually replaced with Art Smith) & Chuck Hughes

Team Love Machine [Green]: Justin Warner, Pat LaFrieda, Tim Love & Adrianne Calvo

Team Beach Cutlets [Brown]: Spike Mendelsohn, Todd Erickson, Johnny Iuzzini & Edward Lee, all in the most inappropriately shortest of shorts shortingly possible. Danger zone.

Team Goose Dies in the End [Orange]: Jeff Mauro, Stephanie Izard, Curtis Stone, & Alberto Cabrera

Alas, the most self-referential team (Team Orange) did not emerge victorious. That honor went to the beautiful men of Team Dolphin, and Josh Capon took the title of MVP. But you can just imagine all the smack talk flying between these chefs…and the smacks that were being delivered to Team Beach Cutlet’s perfect brioche buns, if you know what we mean.

(If you want to get into the mood, it may be useful to play this song while going through the following slideshow.)

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