Someone Finally Made a ‘Hamilton’ Beer



“Two pints of Sam Adams, But I’m workin’ on three” is the Hamilton lyric, but three pints of Rise Up Rye is what you can start asking for, because that’s now a real beer. Gun Hill Brewing Co, a craft brewery in The Bronx teamed up with Broadway actors Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig, who have a web series called The Happy Hour Guys, to make the Hamilton-inspired brew. They worked with the cast to come up with a beer that was both very “drinkable” and “distinctly American.” They came up with the idea of using Rye, a grain that calls the Revolution to mind.

The beer will be available at 40 different New York bars. The beer will retail for between $12 and $15, with some of the proceeds going to Graham Windham, the “first private orphanage in New York City” founded by Eliza Hamilton. So not only do you get to drink Hamilton beer, you get to do some good, so “raise a glass.”

The beer comes out Saturday, so for one day you’ll have to “wait for it.” If anyone knows where to find this beer, please do let us know. We want to be “in the room where it happens.” It would also be the perfect complement to our Hamilton-themed dinner party.

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[H/T Wall Street Journal]

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