When it Comes to Fast Food, Bernie Sanders Has Champagne Taste


Of all of the candidates for the nomination of President of the United States, no one hates on Wall Street and the one percent more than Bernie Sanders. He ran pretty much his entire campaign on the fact that he got lots of small donations, and the idea that he was going to break up the banks. How he had planned to do that, we’re not totally sure, but he assured us it would be revolutionary.

Financial website Dividend Mantra has done the equally revolutionary work of breaking down how much money each of the remaining (loose word re: Sanders) candidates has spent on fast food and bar tabs throughout the campaign. Here’s what we learned.

1. The candidates each have a favorite fast food chain. Donald Trump‘s is, of course, McDonald’s. He posted a photo of himself with the stuff on Instagram recently, and he’s publicly proclaimed his love for Filet-O-Fish. So far, he’s spent $896 there throughout the campaign. Hillary Clinton‘s fast food of choice is Domino’s. So far, she’s spent $6,731 there. Bernie Sanders‘ favorite is Panera Bread, which hardly qualifies as fast food. Or, you know what? It totally does. But in a one-percent kind of way. He’s spent $2,633 there.

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2. Donald Trump, not surprisingly, spends the least on Mexican food. While Sanders has spent $8,294 on Mexican food and Clinton has shelled out $4,982 for it, Trump has spent a mere $668. As Dividend Mantra points out, it’s worth remembering Trump’s wall goals, though how could any of us forget that? It’s also important to remember this insanity from Cinco de Mayo:

3. Also not surprisingly, Trump spends the least on alcohol. He’s famously a teetotaler, meaning he never drinks, so his bar tab is lower than everyone else’s. So far, he’s spent $2,484 at watering holes, where Sanders and Clinton have spent $9,408 and $14,067, respectively.

With the exception of Sanders’ Wall Street taste in fast food, not much of this surprising. But, as First We Feast pointed out, there’s no issue to small “when it comes to vetting a presidential candidate’s ability to lead.”

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