Claire McCaskill Accidentally Calls Warren ‘Elizabeth Trump’ While Defending Her From Trump Comparison

Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill was defending Elizabeth Warren from a comparison to President Donald Trump on the subject of dishonesty when she slipped up and called the Massachusetts senator “Elizabeth Trump.”

On Tuesday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the entire crew spent a solid 18 minutes going after Warren, using her recent feud with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg as a jumping-off point.

The candidates have been warring over various transparency issues, and one of the thing to shake out from that is Warren’s work on a 1996 pollution case. Warren defended a company that was trying to avoid paying to clean up a pollution site, but her campaign argues  — as it has with her other corporate work — that she was making a principled defense of the bankruptcy system.

During the segment, contributor Steve Schmidt went in on Warren over her claim of Native American heritage and lying to activists about sending one of her kids to private school, and said that Warren has “proven, over and over again, a proclivity for dishonesty that is positively Trumpian.”

Host Joe Scarborough came to Warren’s defense, saying “It doesn’t seem fair to preach moral equivalency between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren,” but adding She does have some issues. How does she clean those issues up?”

“I don’t know that it is an effort to be anyway dishonest on Elizabeth Trump, on Elizabeth Warren’s part,” McCaskill said, quickly correcting herself.

McCaskill went on to say that Warren is “sincere about the system being rigged,” and that her problem is that Warren “did not anticipate her refusal to answer the question about how much [Medicare for All] was going to cost, I don’t think she anticipated what a big deal that would become. I don’t think she anticipated that a minimal amount of work for corporate clients in her career could get blown up like this.”

“How she cleans this up will be key,” McCaskill continued, and said that next week’s debate will gove Warren “an opportunity to explain why she worked for these corporate clients, including Dupont and breast implants and the polluter, and she’s going to have an opportunity to talk about her conversion from a Republican to a Democrat. Let’s see how she does.”

McCaskill said that Warren needs to “own that she’s made some mistakes,” and went on to say that Warren also “probably needs to also admit that she’s rich.”

“You know in one of the debates, she said she actually said, you know, rich people aren’t like you and me. Well, you know, Elizabeth’s worth millions and millions of dollars. She probably needs to own up to that so that she gets out of this thing that it’s us against the rich people, because she’s very wealthy,” McCaskill said.

Schmidt buttoned up the segment by cautioning Democrats against nominating someone who has been as “serially dishonest” as Warren has.

Trump has made more than 13,000 false or misleading statements since taking office, according to The Washington Post.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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