CNN’s Margaret Talev Reports ‘Intense Frustration and Fear’ From White House That Fox News Might Call Race for Biden First


Axios White House editor and CNN analyst Margaret Talev reported “intense frustration and fear” among Trump officials at the prospect that Fox News could be the first outlet to call former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race over President Donald Trump.

Early Friday morning, shortly after Biden took his first lead over Trump in Georgia, anchor Chris Cuomo asked Talev to share what she knew about “how the president and his team are dealing with the news” from that state, and the ever-narrowing gap in Pennsylvania.

“A lot has changed overnight but of course the president and his team could see a lot of this coming,” Talev told Cuomo, and went on to add that “there are recriminations, concerns, angst, fear, frustration both among White House staff, the campaign, and many of those surrogates who you see usually go out on TV and support the president.”

She noted tremendous frustration” over Fox News’ decision to call Arizona for Biden, a step most other major outlets have yet to take.

But Talev also said there was “intense frustration and fear last night, the concern that Fox might actually be the one to call the race for Biden overall.”

“No one has done that yet, these numbers are moving of course as we speak, but that’s the real frustration, because the feeling is if it were Fox to call it, it would be tremendously bad for optics, which as we know is really important to the president,” Talev said.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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