Fox & Friends Hosts Seem Uncomfortable About Trump’s Coronavirus Rally Legal Waivers — So Does RNC Chair


Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt each remarked about reports that attendees at Trump rallies may be asked to sign liability waivers, and when asked about them, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel dodged the question. Nobody seems comfortable with the idea.

On Thursday, we reported that the Trump campaign has placed a disclaimer requiring attendees at President Donald Trump’s rallies to agree — by clicking their acceptance — that they are voluntarily assuming the risk of Covid-19 infection, and not to sue for “any illness or injury.”

The news of the waivers came the same day that the stock market plunged 1,800 points over fears of a coronavirus resurgence.

Kilmeade brought up the issue briefly after a Friday morning segment devoted to Harris Faulkner’s interview with Trump in which she asked about the decision to schedule a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa, site of the racist Black Wall Street massacre.

Without prompting, Kilmeade said, of the rally goers, “They might have to sign a release saying you’re not going to sue me if you get the flu from this appearance, so they’re going to be handing out some of those releases.”

“Should be interesting, and how much spacing is out there because it’ll be the template going forward,” he added, with a tone of gentle concern.

Later in the show, Earhardt was interviewing McDaniel about the just-announced move of the Republican National Convention to Jacksonville Florida — which was made specifically to avoid social distancing guidelines mandated by the previous site in North Carolina.

“Brian mentioned something earlier, that people might have to sign releases saying if I get Covid, basically I’m not going to sue,” Earhardt said, and asked McDaniel “Is that true?”

McDaniel sidestepped the question, telling Earhardt “We haven’t even gotten there yet. I mean as you can imagine we’ve got 74 days to plan a whole new celebration in a different city. But of course we want to put the safety of convention goers first and foremost.”

Both were small moments, but suggest that even those favorable to Trump are nervous about the potential risks of large gatherings without social distancing measures.

Watch the clips above via Fox News.

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