‘I Wish I Could Take All Your Questions—’ Biden Drops Cryptic Quip — Smiles and Mingles After Hunter Indictment News


President Joe Biden dropped a cryptic quip about taking questions and smiled broadly as he mingled with the crowd after a speech he gave on the heels of the news Hunter Biden has been indicted.

News broke Thursday afternoon that Special Counsel Davis Weiss has secured a grand jury indictment against Hunter Biden on three charges related to his purchase of a firearm.

Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell has previously said the charges are the result of political pressure from ex-President Donald Trump and others, that a prior diversion agreement is still in effect for the gun issue, that the charge had never been brought as a “standalone” by Weiss’s office, and the law has since been ruled unconstitutional by an appeals court.

Shortly after the news broke, President Biden delivered a speech at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland that the White House billed as a speech on Bidenomics.

During one section of the speech, the president dropped a joke into his burnishing of economic news that seemed to be a reference to the news:

Now we have the fastest economic growth from the pandemic of any world economy. We have the lowest inflation rate among the major economies. We have a lot more to do, though, and I’m going to get those gas prices down again, I promise you!

But seriously… We’re living through one of the greatest job creation periods in our history. And folks, it’s not an accident. It’s not an accident. That literally is our economic plan in action. Bidenomics in action. Let me close with this, and there’s a lot more I know we could talk about. I wish I had a chance to take all your questions, but I’m going to get real trouble if I do that.


But all kidding aside, we face some pretty tough times in recent years. But America didn’t give up. America never gives up!

After the speech, the president mingled with the crowd and appeared to be in good spirits.

Watch above via NBC News.

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