Iraq Vet Congressman Rips Trump for Betraying the Kurds: ‘One of the Dumbest Presidents’ in History


Arizona Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego — an Iraq War veteran — told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah that President Donald Trump is “really stupid” and “one of the dumbest Presidents in the history of this country” while ripping Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds in Syria.

On Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host asked Gallego about Trump’s much-derided action.

“Do you have any idea why he would do this?” Obeidallah asked. “Because if Republicans are coming out, they’ve been silent on everything else Trump does, they’re going to actually very full-throated criticizing Trump on this issue.”

“I mean, honestly it’s just because he’s really stupid, I mean he’s one of the dumbest presidents in the history of this country,” Gallego said. “And I don’t think he realized the impact of what he was doing when Erdogan got on the phone with him and tried to put pressure on him.”

He added that some think Trump “is playing three dimensional chess. He’s not. And that’s the most dangerous things is that he is going about everything, when it comes to foreign policy, in such a haphazard manner that it actually is dangerous, and he’s not listening to his advisors, and he’s more focused on him than the country.”

Obeidallah asked Gallego if he’s fearful there could be, if not a true genocide, but a wholesale slaughter of people in Northern Syria now who are no longer defended, that women and children could be killed as well because of this policy of Trump’s?”

Gallego pointed out that Turkey and Erdogan have been waiting a long time to get rid of the Kurds, and were not “helpful to us” when it came to ISIS.

“So this is just a tragedy, it’s a tragedy for us on a huge scale,” Gallego concluded.

Listen above, via SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show.

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