Jeff Sessions Announces Senate Run, Holds Firm Amid Reports Trump Will Soon Trash His Campaign: Did What ‘I Had to Do’ on Russia


Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions formally announced on Fox News his plan to reclaim his old Alabama Senate seat and praised President Donald Trump, even amid reports that a frustrated president opposes his campaign.

Speaking with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Sessions religiously toed the party line, saying he had “strong support” for Trump’s agenda and that he didn’t see “anything close to an impeachment case” in the president’s conduct toward Ukraine.

“Did I write a tell-all book? No. Oh, did I go on CNN and attack the president? No. Have I said a cross word about our president? Not one time,” Sessions pointed out, as proof of his loyalty since leaving Trump’s cabinet one year ago. “I will tell you why. First, that would be dishonorable. I was there to serve his agenda, not mine. Second, the president is doing a great job. For America and Alabama, and he has my strong support.”

When Carlson asked Sessions if he thought this unwavering support was reciprocated by the White House, however, Trump’s former attorney only said: “I hope so.”

News reports, though, suggest that Trump and the Senate Republican leadership are anything but supportive of Sessions’ 2020 run. Setting aside the fact that Sessions’ entry makes him the fifth candidate currently running in an already crowded Alabama Senate Republican primary, Trump has more personal reasons for opposing Sessions. Ever since Sessions chose to recuse himself from the investigation into Trump’s firing of James Comey, which led to the two-year-long Special Counsel probe, Trump has held a deep grudge for what he views was a grave betrayal by his first attorney general.  Trump has repeatedly insulted Sessions since he left the president’s cabinet, at times saying “Sessions didn’t have a clue” and calling him an “embarrassment” as recently as a month ago.

When Carlson revisited this controversial part of Sessions’ time in the Trump cabinet, the former attorney general continued to defend his recusal decision, however.

“I did the thing that I had to do about rules and the Department of Justice,” Sessions maintained. “The senior advisors told me that this is what the rules require, the regulations required, and I read them, and I don’t think there was any doubt from me. But I know how painful it was for the president. This is the whole thing was very painful for him. And he saw this as a pivotal moment. But painful and prolonged as it was, it did clear him of Russian collusion, and I’m certainly glad that that finally happened.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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