Joe Biden Goes Off: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Are ‘Trying to Con the American People’ Like Trump


Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden went off on Elizabeth Warren’s “ridiculous” healthcare plan, and accused the Massachusetts senator — as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)— of “playing Trump’s game and trying to con the American people.”

During a gaggle with reporters in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday afternoon, Biden spent a chunk of time slamming Warren on foreign policy, but he really ramped up the attacks when he was asked about Warren’s continued refusal to explicitly acknowledge the tax implications of “Medicare for All,” which was a big topic of Tuesday night’s debate.

Asked if he planned to “press” Warren on the issue, Biden launched into several minutes of scathing comments.

“It’s fascinating that the person who has a plan for everything has no plan for the single most consequential issue in this election in the minds of the American people, across the board,” Biden said, mocking Warren’s signature “I have a plan for that” slogan.

“Credibility matters. It matters,” Biden continued, adding that “the question that I think that Senator Warren is going to have to face, she’s going to have to tell the truth, or the question will be raised about whether or not she’s going to be candid and honest with the American people.”

“I mean, look, I don’t want to pick on Elizabeth Warren, but this is ridiculous,” a clearly reluctant Biden said. “The idea that someone is going to be able to go out and spend what turns out to be, if you add on everything that’s going to be free beyond Obamacare, excuse me beyond Medicare for All, which is it’s going to come out to about 3.4 trillion dollars a year. That’s bigger than the entire federal budget. Every single thing. And on top of that, a wealth tax. Well the wealth tax, once you get to 27 trillion over time, whatever the number is, it doesn’t even get close to paying for any of this.”

“And God love Bernie, and it was really good, I really mean it, to see him so healthy and moving last night, I really mean that,” Biden said. “And he’s been through hell, by the way. You know his daughter in law died of cancer like my son, I mean this guy has been through hell, I was glad to see him, I really mean it.”

“But Bernie, Bernie doesn’t pay for half his plan,” the VP said, and went on to add “Look the last thing the Democrats should be doing is playing Trump’s game and trying to con the American people to think this is easy. There’s nothing easy about it. If you’re going to do it, tell us how you’re going to do it. It’s called truth in speaking.”

Biden concluded by noting the similarities between his plan and those being offered by other Democrats, saying “it’s the exact same plan the rest of these guys have.”

“So luck I’m feeling awful good about where this is going, and I’m hoping that Senator Warren gets to the point that after months and months and months, will tell you how she’s going to pay for this plan.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC4 Columbus.

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